I Am an Employer


Hiring a Co-op student is a great way to access some of northwestern Ontario’s top talent and future leaders; deliver a cost-effective way to address short-term staffing needs including vacation time and special projects, while evaluating potential employees for succession planning; increase your organization’s profile on campus with students, faculty, and applied research opportunities.

Hiring a Confederation College Student:   

  1. View our Co-op Program/s page. Select the program that aligns with your needs. 
  2. Contact the Program Coordinator should you like to find out more about specific learning outcomes in the program of interest. This information is listed on each the postsecondary Program page.
  3. Co-op Line: (807) 475-6517 or E-mail: [email protected]

Paid Work Terms

Co-op is a paid work term.  Should the employer require support determining a fair wage, Co-op & Work Placement Staff are equipped to provided some guidance and typical salary ranges for positions being considered. 

Responsibilities of the Employer

  • Submit a job description outlining start/end date; hours of work; duties and responsibilities, salary, location, etc. You may use our Job Description temple or submit your own via email.
  • Undertake the recruitment process (screening and shortlisting, interview, selection and offer)
  • Provide the student with a “full-time” (minimum 35 hours per week) program-related work term opportunity for the required number of weeks;
  • Complete the EMPLOYER WORK TERM AGREEMENT sent to you through our office and return to [email protected] prior to the commencement of the student’s work term;  
  • Provide the student with a new hire orientation that will include all applicable organizational policies, procedures and Code of Conduct work expectations;
  • Provide leadership and guidance throughout the work experience;
  • Paid Work Terms provide Health and Safety orientation/training, supervision and Workplace Safety Insurance coverage or private accident insurance;
  • Advise the Co-op Education Specialist at (807) 475-6517 as early as possible, of any on-the-job occurrences i.e. accident/injury, etc.;
  • Complete and return a brief Mid-term Evaluation and, prior to the completion of the work term, a Student Performance Evaluation. Evaluation forms will be provided by the College.