Co-op Fees for Students

Fees for Mandatory Co-op Programs:

Forest Ecosystem Management Technician


Embedded in Tuition


Fall Registration

Winter Registration

Fees for Optional Co-op Programs :

Civil Engineering, Computer Programming, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Environmental Technician, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering



$235.00 (optional)



Winter 2024 or,

Split Fee, Winter Semester followed with remaining balance paid in Spring  Semester


Late Fee Assignment Date: applied to accountFollowing 10 days into each semester

For add, drop, and withdraw dates, refer to Academic Calendar of Events located on the college website.

Optional Co-op students need to register in the Winter Semester, but will have an option to split their Co-op fee payment in 2 payments: $235 in the Winter semester and $235 in the Spring semester.  If these students choose to not pursue co-op at the start of the Spring Semester, they do not receive a refund for their winter fee payment.  Those who choose to pay the 2 half of their co-op fee in May, would be eligible for a $235 refund if they withdraw within the 10 days of registration closing. 

Those registering in the Spring semester and paying in full, would be eligible for a partial refund ($235) if they withdraw within the 10 days of registration closing. 


All fee-related inquiries may be addressed through Registration Services.