Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education (Co-op) 

We offer year round temporary, seasonal and full time employment services. Experienced, friendly staff will provide prompt, efficient and free assistance in helping both Students and Employers meet their required needs.

  • Plan, promote, and organize Student/Employer Information Sessions and career fairs
  • Display, post, employment information 
  • Gather and promote career specific information
  • Ensure you connect with the talent pool (Co-op Programs), or industry (Employers) you are interested in 

Structured Work Experience - Co-operative Education Programs

Co-operative Education (Co-op):  Engage in the greatest job interview ever, without long term commitment!  Co-op Students alternate full time study and the opportunity for temporary employment while remaining a student.  In the workplace, there will be general exposure to different settings and progression in work experience. Co-op Programs  are full time and occur May through August. 

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