FAQ's for Work Placement Students

Students have many questions about work placements.  Our Program Coordinators and Student Career Services Work Placement staff are available to answer questions that arise.  In addition, a classroom Orientation will be scheduled and information presented jointly by the program coordinator and Student Career Services staff.  Below are a couple of common questions.

Does the College arrange my Work Placement?

Students are responsible for securing their Work Placements, and are encouraged to connect with employers to initiate the conversation on providing a Work Placement. However, the College works with employers in the City, Region and Province to create Work Placement positions.  These will be posted on the Program Orbis site with instructions for application.

Will I be paid during my Work Placement?

Payment for Work Placements is optional. Most Work Placements are unpaid. 

  • In the event of an unpaid Work Placement, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities covers workplace insurance. 
  • In the case of a paid Work Placement, the employer is responsible for workplace insurance coverage.

What if I cannot find a Work Placement?

  • It is inevitable that economic conditions or other external factors, which are beyond the control of the college or the student will have a considerable effect on the number, variety, and location of job placements.  
  • Although the college cannot guarantee employment, every effort will be made to assist all registered students in their search for an appropriate work experience. 
  • In the event that a Work Placement cannot be secured, the student is directed to discuss options with their Program Coordinator.