Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

1. How can I post a CO-OP work term opportunity?

Following our simple 3--Step Process outlined on this site under “RECRUITMENT PROCESS” or

Contact the Co-operative Education Specialist who will work with you through the process.

2. Is there any cost to hiring Confederation Co-op students?

Yes and no.

  • Co-op programs are temporary – full time, paid work terms, with the responsibility of the workplace safety insurance being that of the employer.
  • We do not charge service fees to employers for recruitment of our students or graduates.

3. I would like to interview students on campus, is this possible?

Yes. If you would like to interview Co-op students who have applied for positions you posted with us, call us at (807) 475-6517 and we will help you arrange this, including: room bookings, notify students of their interview times and location and any preparatory information required for the interview.

4. Am I responsible for collecting all student applications or will Student Career Services address this?

Generally yes.

In the case of a “co-op work term” students apply directly to the employer as specified on the job posting we receive. If you would like us to collect applications on your behalf, please call or email us at: (807) 475-6517, [email protected].

5. Outside of providing a co-op am I able to post graduate opportunities under the Student Career Services umbrella?


Within many  (not all) of our co-op programs there is an opportunity to hire a student immediately following their required work term.     Additionally, in the event you have employment opportunities available for any of the following Co-op Programs, we would be happy to promote these out to our recent graduates and alumni. Send us a complete job posting to [email protected] or contact us directly to discuss this further

For all other job opportunities you would like to extend out to students and graduates in other Programs of Confederation College (part-time and full time), contact Northwest Employment Works (NEW).