Student Responsibilities (Co-op & Work Placement Services)

  1. Students are expected to attend an Orientation session which will outline the Work Placement process and requirements. This is facilitated by the Academic Work Placement Liaison.
  2. Students must review and sign all relevant documents during the program Orientation session.
  3. Engineering Business and Safety Management students must also attend the pre-employment preparation workshops (scheduled during specified semester).  * EBSM program only
  4. Students are responsible for securing their Work Placements and are encouraged and expected to initiate contacts with employers to explore opportunities
  5. Student generated Job Descriptions must be approved by the Program Coordinator to ensure appropriateness before committing to a work placement.
  6. Student Career Services Staff will also work with employers to create job postings for Work Placement opportunities appropriate to students’ field of study.  Job postings will be approved by Program Coordinators and will be distributed via Orbis.  Students must apply as directed on the Orbis listing.
  7. Students have the option to relocate for the work term, but will be fully responsible for their own accommodations and travel expenses.
  8. Students must adhere to employer’s safety and workplace guidelines as well as Student Career Services policies and procedures.
  9. Students must be prepared to work the employer’s set hours, including Student Success week.  Students are also expected to communicate absences to both the employer and the Program Coordinator.
  10. Students are to conduct themselves professionally on the Work Placement and as a “staff member”, be cognizant of meeting the responsibilities outlined in the Job Description to which they were hired.
  11. Workplace issues of concern must be directed to the Program Coordinator and/or Student Career Services staff.  Most workplace concerns are able to be successfully resolved through conversation.
  12. Not all students are able to meet the demands of his/her work placement settings for a variety of reasons.  Before issues accelerate, contact the Program Coordinator for assistance.  They may be able to intervene and problem-solve solutions with students on work place issues. Often times, most issues have workable solutions.  Students are not to quit Work Placements without having talked to their Program Coordinator.  Work Placements are mandatory for graduation.