I am a Work Placement Employer

Confederation College and its students are grateful to the many employers who support student learning by providing Work Placements.  Work Placements require time and thoughtful planning by employers who are ready and able to invest in students' on-going learning in the workplace. We appreciate the investment employers have in the education of Confederation College students.

Work Placements provide students with an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills developed through their academic programs, along with continuous workplace learning which promotes the confidence necessary to perform effectively in future employment.

Employers gain:

  • Access to recruiting students from specific programs
  • Students who are motivated to work and who could address staffing needs for special projects, high work times and potential on-call needs
  • Access to Confederation College opportunities for building a local profile or for potential projects or research
  • The satisfaction of contributing to a work ready graduate.

Work Placement Information and Employer Responsibilities

SCS staff work with employers to provide a positive Work Placement experience.  SCS staff will support employers from the beginning to the completion of the work term to ensure both students' and employers' expectations are met.

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