I am a Work Placement Student

Congratulations!  Successful completion of the post-secondary program Work Placement is the final required course before graduation.

 Students participating in Work Placements benefit in many ways:

  • Students "learn by doing" by meeting authentic workplace demands and expectations within their field of study
  • Students are able to contribute to the culture of the workplace
  • Students are able to apply and expand on program course knowledge, and the employability skills acquired which are valued in the labour market
  • Students are able to network with employers who have possible employment opportunities
  • Students are evaluated by employers and these employers may be an excellent source for recent, professional workplace references

Work Placement Information and Student Responsibilities

Work Placements are a mandatory course credit and successful completion is a requirement for graduation.  Under certain unique situations, a student who has or is working within their field of study may PLAR the Field Placement course.  Students must talk to their Program Coordinator about the PLAR process.

To be eligible for Work Placements, students must complete all previous semester core courses prior to work term and have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.

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