Make a Racism Complaint

Confederation College affirms its commitment to human rights, and, in particular, to the principle that every member of the College community has a right to equitable treatment without harassment or discrimination on the basis of grounds prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code, including race, ancestry, colour and ethnic origin.

This page explains options for members of our College community who have experienced racism in the context of their involvement with Confederation College. 

Complaints Process

If you have experienced racism and would like to pursue informal options:

Refer to our Policy to Address Anti-Indigenous and Other Forms of Racism and Companion Guide, both found on our Policies and Procedures section of our website: Chapter 1, Section 1-18. 

If you have experienced racism and wish to make a formal complaint:

The Racism Complaint Intake form is to be completed by a student, employee or community member who wishes to make a formal complaint of racism. When completed, it is submitted to the Equity and Human Rights Advisor.  

Complete the Racism Complaint Intake Webform

Appeals Process

The Racism Complaint Appeals form is to be completed by complainant or respondent who wishes to launch an appeal with respect to a decision/finding/resolution related to the Anti-Racism Policy. ​When completed, it is submitted to the President.  

Complete the Racism Complaint Appeals Webform