Human Rights & Decolonization

This section of the website is dedicated to outlining our work to address systemic racism within Confederation College. It is meant to be a place where our College community can find relevant information, resources and support services related to this effort.

Policy to Address Anti-Indigenous and Other Forms of Racism and Companion Guide

Confederation College acknowledges its responsibility to address racism against Indigenous people, and any group of people based on their racialized status, including colour, nationality, ethnic or ethno-religious identities. The Policy to Address Anti-Indigenous and Other Forms of Racism and Companion Guide seek to eliminate structural, institutional and personal mistreatment of these groups of people by providing mechanisms to identify and address incidents of racism.

Find both the Policy to Address Anti-Indigenous and Other Forms of Racism and Companion Guide in the Policies and Procedures section of our website: Chapter 1, Section 1-18. If you have experienced racism and would like to pursue informal options, please refer to the Policy and Companion Guide.

If you have experienced racism and wish to make a formal complaint, visit the Make a Racism Complaint page of our website and complete the appropriate webform. 

Diversity, Equity and Indigenous Lens

Confederation College’s Diversity, Equity and Indigenous Lens is a tool that will help ensure Confederation’s policies, programs and practices are free of elements that knowingly or unknowingly enable the exclusion of Indigenous peoples. The Lens is built upon a common understanding of the colonial history of Canada and seeks to provide best practices, resources and specific guidance for employees of Confederation College to ensure Indigenous perspectives and Ways of Knowing are incorporated and accurately reflected across institutional systems.

Learn more and download the Lens and supporting documents.

Decolonization Report

Following considerable efforts by a dedicated team known as the Decolonization Committee, Confederation College was pleased to share its Decolonization Report on Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21, 2021. This Report outlines how Confederation College will address the recommendations from our Systemic Racism Review, and includes a work plan for implementation. 

We invite you to join us in the next phase of our journey to decolonization and reconciliation.

Learn more and review the Decolonization Report.