Employee Wellness

Employee Pillars of Wellness

Confederation College's Wellness Working Group is a committee comprised of interested employees from many sectors of the college community who are focused on creating and motivating positive and balanced lifestyles for employees with a strong focus on the six pillars of wellness. These six pillars include Physical Wellness & Nutrition, Emotional Wellness & Mental Health, Intellectual Wellness & Lifelong Learning, Spiritual Wellness, Social & Interpersonal Wellness, and Community Wellness & Outreach.

Please take time to review and utilize the resources provided for each of the 6 wellness pillars. There are services, activities, and website resources available both formally and informally at Confederation College.

6 Pillars of Wellness

Physical Wellness & Nutrition Emotional Wellness & Mental Health Intellectual Wellness & Lifelong Learning Spiritual Wellness Social & Interpersonal Wellness Community Wellness & Outreach