Human Rights & Decolonization - Employees

This section of the website is dedicated to outlining our work to address systemic racism within Confederation College. This page in particular is meant to be a place where our employees can find employee-specific information, resources and supports related to this effort. Find other information and resources at

Report to College Community: Systemic Racism Review Recommendations and Action Plan

Confederation College committed to engaging in a Systemic Racism Review in November of 2018 in an effort to achieve our goal of reducing systemic racism. The Review was led by third-party consulting firm DiversiPro and facilitated by the Centre for Policy and Research in Indigenous Learning and the Organizational Effectiveness department. Recommendations and the resulting action plan from this review are summarized in the Report to College Community, published in November of 2019.

Download the Report to College Community: Systemic Racism Review Recommendations and Action Plan

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