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Second Career Funding Information (Registration Services)

What is Second Career?

Second Career is an Ontario government program that helps you train for a new job.

Second Career provides financial support to help laid-off Ontarians participate in training for a new career.

Who can Apply?

If you:

  • are laid off or have been since 2005
  • are unemployed or working an interim job
  • are choosing to retrain for a career in high demand

How long do you have to be out of work to apply?

If you were laid-off any time after January 1, 2005, you’re eligible to apply for Second Career

What kind of support is available?

  • this is a cost-sharing program which means you will be expected to contribute something.
  • you can receive up to $28,000.00 for tuition, books, transportation or a basic living allowance.
  • Your contribution to training will depend on your financial situation and cost of training.

Where do I start?

  1. The first step is to visit an Employment Ontario assessment centre. A case counsellor will talk to you about your career goals and if Second Career is right for you.
  2. Determine the program you wish to attend with the help of your counsellor.
  3. Apply to your program of choice online at
  4. Meet with Confederation College to get help with your research on your program of choice.
  5. Revisit your case counsellor and inform her or him of your decision and/or acceptance.

What is processes applications for Ontario colleges. With one online form, you can apply for up to five programs. Up to three of these can be at any one college. For example, you could apply to three programs at Confederation College and two at another college using the same application. The application is good for one complete academic cycle (September 2014 to August 2015).

How do I know if the program that I want is open, wait-listed or closed?

The status of all programs are listed online at and on the Confederation College web site

Status definitions:

  • Open - There is still room available in the program. 
  • Wait-listed - More applications were received for the program than there are seats. Applicants who have met eligibility requirements for the program may be placed on a wait-list. If you are put onto a wait-list, you will be contacted by the college in the event that a seat becomes available. The wait-lists are maintained until the end of the first 10 days of the program. 
  • Closed - The program has received a high level of applicants who have met the eligibility requirements. The college will no longer be accepting applications.

My counsellor said I need an acceptance letter, how do I get this from Confederation College?

In order to receive a letter accepting you to a program at Confederation College, you must first apply at An admissions officer will review your application and if you meet the entrance requirements and there is space available, you will receive a letter stating that you have been admitted to the program. This letter will need to accompany your application for funding.

Payment Options for Second Career funded students:

In order to secure your seat you must provide us with a signed contract from your local Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities office by the deadline date on your Offer of Admission.

If you have already received your contract and your funding,  pay your fees using one of the payment options noted in the Offer Booklet by the deadline date on your Offer of Admission.  Payment options can also be found at
Anyone who has not received their contract or funding should contact their counsellor at the Assessment Centre as soon as possible to inquire as to the status of your Second Career application.  Have your counsellor at the Assessment Centre provide Confederation College with a letter indicating that your application is currently being processed to reserve your seat in your program. 
Formal arrangements to secure your program seat, MUST BE MADE by the deadline date showing on your Offer of Admission. If arrangements are not made by the deadline date, you risk losing your seat in the program. 

Text Books can be purchased at the Follett Bookstore located in the Shuniah Building at the Thunder Bay Campus or by visiting the regional campus that you will be attending.

Textbooks (and other courseware materials) required for your program can be identified and ordered online by visiting the College Follett Bookstore website … 


  1. Select Books > Textbooks & Course Materials
  2. Select your Term
  3. Select your Department: (enter the 2 character prefix for your couse - i.e. AC)
  4. Select your Course (enter the 3 digit number of your course - i.e. 102)
  5. Select Your Code (enter the code for your section) (i.e. 1-7, 83, 84)

Completed book orders can be picked up at the College Bookstore, or alternatively they can be shipped to you for a fee.

Once you are officially “registered” into your program as a student (mid August, or late December), you can print your timetable and present it to College Follett Bookstore staff, who will assemble your textbook package for you.

CAUTION: textbook requirements are subject to change!
We recommend that students wait until they are officially “registered” into their program-of-study and have their official timetable, before ordering/purchasing textbooks. In addition, we recommend that students not open text book packages until after their first day of class to verify with their instructors that they have the right book and version required for the course.

If you have questions, you can phone the College Follett Bookstore at (807) 475-6225, or toll free at 1 (877) 295-3851.

For more information on Second Career please visit the Ontario Second Career website.

Print a DETAILED Program Letter …

Applicants to Second Career Funding, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP’s), or for other funding sponsors may require a DETAILED Program Letter which includes information regarding specific tuition fees, program dates and program hours.