Tuition Fees - Winter 2024 Start

Fees for Full Time Programs Starting Winter 2024

Tuition Fees for the Winter semester are due December 8th, 2023.

Web registration for the Winter semester begins December 4th. In order to web register on opening day payment arrangements must be made prior to December 4th.

To view fees for Winter start programs please select the chart below.

2023-24 Winter Start Programs - Full Time Program Fee Chart

Tuition Payment Deadlines

Tuition and FeesDue Date - First Year StudentsDue Date - Returning Students
Winter Term FeesDecember 8, 2023December 8, 2023
Spring Term Fees
(if applicable)
April 8, 2024April 8, 2024


Payment Options


Option 1:
Tuition Payment


  • ​Pay Winter tuition fees no later than December 8, 2023

Required: Full Tuition Payment


Option 2:
Semester Payments


  • All students pay Winter Semester tuition fees no later than December 8, 2023
  • Pay Spring Semester tuition fees by April 8, 2024 (if applicable)

Required: Winter semester fees (includes deposit) + Spring semester fees (if applicable)


Option 3:

  • If you are sponsored by a government agency, employer, or other third party organization that is providing payment directly to Confederation College, please provide a letter of of approval from your sponsor by December 8, 2023

Required: Fax Sponsorship Letter to (807) 473-3705


Ontario Student Assistance Program(OSAP)

  • To apply for OSAP, visit:
    Visit the Financial Aid website,, for the most current information. We recommend that you apply for OSAP as soon as possible as your application can take some time to be processed.

Required: Sufficient OSAP funding