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Disability Services (Accessibility Services)

Disability Services

Confederation College is committed to providing academic accommodations to students who have permanent and temporary disabilities that could affect their academic performance.

The needs of each student are unique; therefore, documentation outlining the functional limitations of a permanent or temporary disability is required.  Interim accommodations may be provided to students who are being assessed or waiting on documentation.

All disability documentation is kept secure in the the office of Student Accessibility Services. 

Our qualified staff can:

  • work with you to develop an Accommodation Plan (AP) or a Field Placement Identification Plan 
  • help you develop strategies for success
  • provide ongoing monitoring and support
  • help you access alternate format textbooks and resources
  • recommend and train you on assistive technology
  • help you access the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) to assist with disability related purchases
  • set up test accommodations and note takers
  • provide information about the identification process if you suspect you have a disability

It is important to recognize that provision of services is a shared responsibility between students, faculty, administration, and Student Accessibility Services. This relationship is based on respect of individual rights and the dignity of the individual, and the College community’s shared commitment to an open, supportive learning environment.

If you have a disability, we recommend that you contact us as early as possible after acceptance to a course or program.

Click the following links for a step-by-step guide for accessing our services:

Please Note: Use of Student Accessibility Services, including accommodations, is strictly voluntary.  All students are considered to be independent adults and it is ultimately the student’s decision and responsibility to access supports/services through SAS.