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Textbooks/Materials - Online Learning (CE)


It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the required course text/materials by the start date of the course, unless indicated otherwise. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining your textbook, please email Online Learning at Confederation College immediately – refunds will not be made if the student does not obtain the textbook in due time for the course and the withdrawal date has passed.

Textbooks may be purchased from any source. Please be sure that the ISBN number matches the number found on the textbook list. 

We recommend searching the following to find your textbooks:

  •   You can search by course name under OntarioLearn
  •  Host College Bookstore (often available online)
  • Textbooks for OntarioLearn courses cannot be purchased online through the Confederation College Follett Bookstore. Students must call to have the textbook ordered in and then shipped or picked up

Spring/Summer 2019 Online Learning Textbook List (PDF)

(for courses with May to August start dates)

(open the textbook list for your course start date and search (CTRL + F) by your Confederation College course code - OL***)