Rainy River District Campus in Fort Frances

Campus Details

Campus Services and Staff are available live on line, by phone, and in person on campus.

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If you are a current student, a new applicant, or simply pursuing additional information about the programs and services we provide, please feel free to contact any of our staff members.  We would be happy to assist you.

Brad Halabisky, Director, Distance and Continuing Education, Eastern and Rainy River District Campuses
P: 807-475-6514
E: brad.halabisky@confederationcollege.ca

Evelyn Sletmoen, Academic Services Assistant
P: 807-274-5395 ext. 4800
E: Evelyn.Sletmoen@confederationcollege.ca

Kathy Egan, Scheduling Officer
P: 807-274-5395 ext. 4804
E: Kathleen.Egan@confederationcollege.ca

Cristal Kinsman, Projects Officer
P: 807-274-5395 ext. 4806
E: Cristal.Kinsman@confederationcollege.ca

Kathy Caul, Professor
P: 807-274-5395 ext. 4809
E: Kathy.Caul@confederationcollege.ca

Jenni Morrison, Integration Facilitator, CICE Program
P: 807-274-5394 ext. 4808
E: Jenni.Morrison@confederationcollege.ca

Brian Tucker, Campus Manager
P: 807-274-5395 EXT. 4813
E: brian.tucker@confederationcollege.ca

Gordon Matheson, Classroom Assistant
P: 807-274-5395 EXT. 4801
E: Gordon.Matheson@confederationcollege.ca


The Rainy River District Campus located in Fort Frances, Ontario offers a wide variety of programs to meet the education and training needs of the Fort Frances area.

Our programs range from full-time postsecondary diploma programs, full-time and part-time certificate programs, continuing education courses, general interest courses and other education training opportunities.


Campus Locations and Contact Information

Rainy River District Campus (Fort Frances)
440 McIrvine Road
P9A 3T8
Director, Distance and Continuing Education, Eastern and Rainy River District Campuses
Brad Halabisky
Campus Manager
Brian Tucker
(807) 274-5395 ext. 4813 extension 4813
Classroom Assistant
Gordon Matheson
(807) 274-5395 ext. 4801 extension 4801