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Full-Time Program Code: 0359 (Technology/Aviation Stream) …
Also Pre-Technology (Electrical) …

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Build to Something Bigger

You’ve decided - a career in trades or technology/aviation is the right path for you. But what if you don’t have all the requirements?

Confederation College’s Pre-Technology program can help by allowing you to upgrade your skills and prepare for your future learning. The program is divided into two streams, the Technology/Aviation stream and the Trades/Pre-Apprenticeship stream, depending on what direction you plan to take.

The Trades/Pre-Apprenticeship stream is designed to upgrade your skills and knowledge for a variety of Confederation College trade programs including Construction, Welding and Mechanical. Courses cover topics such as applied math for trades, computers, trades science and writing strategies.

The Technology/Aviation stream is designed to upgrade your skills and knowledge for a variety of Confederation College programs including aviation, technology and technician programs. Class work includes applied math for technology, computers, technology studies or aviation studies and writing strategies.

It’s the perfect way to start your technology, aviation or trades career!


  • Upgrade your skills and learning to prepare you for a career in trades, technology, or aviation
  • Get specialized training depending on what program you plan to take
  • Get a solid head start on your future programs

As a mature student enrolling in the Pre-Technology program at Confederation Coll...

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John Wassenaar

The Pre-Technology Program was an excellent transition from employment back into sc...

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Jeffrey McAllister

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