Carpentry and Renovation Techniques


Ontario College Certificate

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Skilled Trades


1 year

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Thunder Bay


Start Dates & Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Fall Start (September): 0383

Can you build it? Yes, you can!

Good with your hands, love working in the outdoors, and enjoy the challenges that building brings?

The carpentry and renovation field continues to grow in northwestern Ontario and throughout Canada. That means more jobs for fewer people – will you be one of the lucky ones to take advantage of this trend?

The carpenter is the backbone of the building industry for residential, commercial, and industrial building. Confederation College’s Carpentry & Renovation Techniques one-year certificate program will provide you with hands-on skills along with in-class learning to give you a strong background in the Carpentry and Renovation fields. The building process with construction, safety, materials, blueprint reading, estimating and masonry will provide you with the entry level knowledge you need to be successful.

Top Highlights

  • One-year course allows you to join the workforce faster
  • Course also covers safety standards for working on job sites
  • Combines class work with hands-on learning to improve your knowledge and skills
  • Plenty of one-on-one, personalized instruction

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. identify and use strategies to enhance work performance and continued learning to keep pace with industry changes.
  2. identify and adhere to established health and safety practices that apply to specific job sites, in accordance with current legislation and regulations.
  3. perform building construction and renovation tasks in compliance with contracts, the Ontario and/or National Building Codes, applicable laws and industry’s ethical practices.
  4. work in accordance with established sustainability practices.
  5. communicate and collaborate with diverse clients, supervisors and tradespersons to complete projects on time and to maintain effective working relationships.             
  6. assist with maintaining accurate project documents and use computer technologies to support building construction and renovation projects.
  7. solve on-site trade-related building and renovation problems by applying principles of basic technical mathematics and building science.
  8. select, maintain and safely operate hand tools, and portable and stationary power tools, to efficiently complete building construction and renovation.
  9. assist with the completion of building and renovation stages, from site layout and footing to the application of interior and exterior finishes, according to specifications.
  10. assist in the preparation of material estimations according to building construction and renovation project documents.

Anyone who owns a house, lives in a house, or will someday buy a house, this program is for you! Your house is your largest investment ... so it is in...
Sandee Astrom
Student 2018/19
If you are serious about learning a lot of valuable skills you can use for life, this program is for you! If you bring the right attitude, readiness &...
Malachy Kopf
Student 2018/19
I really enjoyed the residential estimating class. It introduced me to a wide variety of materials needed to build a house.
Logan Ransome
Student 2018/19
This program really opened my eyes to different aspects of carpentry and reno techniques and I believe this helped me with my job search and will help...
Landon Slomke
Student 2018/19
I enjoyed that we covered a lot about carpentry; blueprints, building codes and the steps to building a house for example. We didn't go into a lot of...
Peter Pilato
Student 2018/19
During the year of taking the Carpentry & Renovation Techniques program, I have learned many new aspects of the construction industry. I have learned...
Arnold Elliott
Student 2018/19
This program was extremely helpful and provided useful skills that every carpenter will use, such as how-to-frame, how-to-estimate, how-to-read blue...
Matthew Suligoj
It was an all-around great program. I gained a lot of experience. I particularly enjoyed the masonry class.
Noah Echcam
I enjoyed the program. I learned a lot. It was a good experience. I would be ready to work in a worksite.
Garry Mathews
This program was my first college experience. I gained extensive knowledge regarding the construction industry and what to expect in the workforce...
Lucas Potter
This program was my first college experience. I gained extensive knowledge regarding the construction industry and what to expect in the workforce...
Lucas Potter
I think the program could have been more hands-on, but all-and-all a decent program. Shaun is a great teacher.
Vincent Speziale
I found this program very informative and I learned lots about things I never had thought about before. I graduated with a great group of people and...
Kyle Shipston
This program was an enjoyable experience. The teachers and students were great people and I made a lot of new friends. I also learned a lot and would...
Alex Osmulski
This program, while challenging, taught me a very wide array of practical and useful skills that I will absolutely be taking into my future career. I...
Colt Knorr
For those with little to no experience in the construction industry, this program will provide a jumpstart into a variety of skilled trades in the...
Brenton Turgeon
I enjoyed the Construction and Renovation Techniques program. There was never a dull moment.
LerPwe Taw
Taking Construction & Renovation Techniques was awesome. I had lots of fun and learned lots. I made many new friends and Shaun was a great teacher.
Nick St Jacques
It was great learning about all the different aspects of the construction industry and techniques to help give me a jump start in my future career.
Chris Osmulski

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques program will be able to apply for carpenter helper and labour entry jobs with the many construction and restoration companies across northwestern Ontario, where you’ll be able to build upon your skills learned and perhaps even specialize in certain areas.

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Program Coordinator - Carpentry and Renovation Techniques, School College Work Initiative (SCWI)
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