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International Student Life

Student life at Confederation College can be a very busy but a fun and fulfilling experience.

The International Education Centre

The IEC supports international students to be successful throughout their studies.

Language Buddies - The International Education Centre will match you with a Canadian college student. With a buddy, you can practice English outside of class, experience true Canadian culture, attend events in Thunder Bay, and teach a Canadian about your language and culture.

The IEC also offers a range of social and academic activities specifically for international students, check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

Support Services

Whether you are studying ESL or enrolled in a college academic program, the mission at Confederation College is to help educate and prepare you for your perfect career. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, if you can dream it, you can do it. The Support Centre is here to help and offers individual counseling, academic advisement, academic workshops and tutoring services … all at no cost!

Paterson Library Commons

The Paterson Library Commons offers a range of supporting learning aids and assistance to enhance academic studies and to assist with research and assignment completion. The library features computer resources, quiet studying spaces and an extensive range of state-of-the-art databases to meet any student’s needs.

Social, Cultural and Sport Activities

Activities are a great way to connect with fellow classmates, keep healthy, and meet new friends. The Student Union of Confederation College (SUCCI) organizes events throughout the school year. There are multiple campus recreation events like dodge ball, 10-pin bowling, ping pong tournaments, soccer, volleyball and more. There are also talk shows, music sessions and movie screenings hosted in the Student Commons area during the semester. Students can join campus recreation sports tours, city tours, and participate in the fun on and off-campus events. SUCCI, also organizes winter events like skiing, tubing, and the winter carnival.

During the school year, many student clubs meet on a regular basis. Students can form any club they want with co-operation from SUCCI. For example, clubs included the Anime Club, Tabletop Gaming Club, Music and Arts Club, Video Game Club and the Film Club last year. 

On-Campus Sports and Clubs

SUCCI offers a varsity athletics and sports teams at Confederation College that are open to international students to join. For more information visit SUCCI Varsity & Sports Teams.

Students have unlimited access to the Fitness Centre located on campus. The Fitness Centre provides workout equipment, an indoor track, tennis courts, a basketball and volleyball court, squash courts, weights room and a stretching area. Many sports clubs that are organized through the Fitness Centre meet regularly.