Setting the Stage For Learning - Lecture Theatre Campaign


Transforming Confederation College’s Next Creative Learning Space

Immersive | Inclusive | Accessible

Confederation College is launching an ambitious new plan to completely transform the Crawford C. McCullough Rotary Lecture Theatre.

We will breathe new life into this old theatre with 21st-century technology and better accessibility to create a new immersive, inclusive learning and performance environment. All we need is your help Setting the Stage!

When the lecture/performance theatre first opened in 1972, you’d see students in bellbottoms sitting cross-legged on carpeted risers or on the stage. It was a radical new environment designed to make a big class seem small and learning approachable. But that was 50 years ago, and the age of bellbottoms and classic lectures has long given way to “wearable tech” and interactive learning. Students need relevant programming to prepare for today’s job market.

Our new learning space will be immersive, inclusive, and accessible – a truly multi-functional space to meet the needs of students and to provide the community with a specialized event venue.

Sending Confederation College to the Region – and Bringing World to Us

Our new interactive lecture/theatre will help us overcome distance barriers to education. We’ll be able to engage and interact with students at campuses across the region and bring the world to us through state-of-the-art smart classroom technology.

Setting the Stage for Learning



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