The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century

What makes a good story? Part of it is definitely how you decide to tell that story, and today there are more ways than ever. Digital movies, computer-generated graphics, multimedia, websites, video games, mobile apps, and yes, even print. We’ll show you how!

Confederation College’s Interactive Media Development three-year diploma program helps you tell a better story, no matter what the medium. Courses cover every aspect of storytelling in the digital age teaching you how to use the latest tools and techniques. You’ll learn about graphic design, web development including CSS and HTML, digital photography, sound & motion, 3D Graphics, interactive media communications, portfolio development, and entrepreneurship. In the sixth semester, your media placement will provide you with opportunities to work elsewhere in Canada or possibly internationally, so you get the real-world skills and experience to help build your own portfolio and find a job after graduation.


  • Learn how to develop gripping interactive media experiences
  • Program provides foundational tools to strategize, organize and commercialize a world-class media project
  • Transfer to other college and even university programs through our articulation agreements
  • Accelerated program is available for graduates of certain diploma and degree programs 

The Interactive Media Design program is a little bit of everything – graphic desi...

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Barry Smith, RGD

Barry Smith, RGD

Creative Director

The program provided a competitive base of skills to allow me to work after graduat...

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Jessica Strobel

Multimedia Developer

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Interactive Media Development program go on to entry-level positions in interactive design and development, web design and development, graphic design, mobile development, animation and motion graphics, audio design, illustration, interface design, photography, programming, project management, scriptwriting, storyboarding, videography and visual effects. After more time and experience in the industry, careers include Animator (2D, 3D, and Web); Audio Technician/Producer; Author; Designer – CD-ROM, DVD, print, and web; Developer – all media types; Graphic Designer; Illustrator; Instructional Designer; Interface Designer; Photographer; Programmer; Project Manager; Scriptwriter – storyboarding; Sound Technician; and Video Technician.

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