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Fall Start (September): 0180

Develop Your Own Killer App

Ever look at a phone app or other piece of software and wonder if you could do that? Chances are, you can – and Confederation College can help!

Confederation College’s Computer Programming two-year diploma program will give you the technical skills you need and help to develop your own creativity. You’ll learn how to program in various languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, C#,  Java, and SQL. You’ll also gain experience with the art of application design, design patterns, user experience strategies, design techniques, several languages, non-language specific development, deployment and testing for a host of devices and environments.

Designed to help you prepare to engage in self-employed scenarios and learn to work globally, this program features a strong focus on building Full Stack development skills.


Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. support the analysis and definition of software system specifications based on functional and non-functional requirements.
  2. contribute to the development, documentation, implementation, maintenance and testing of software systems by using industry standard software development methodologies, based on defined specifications and existing technologies/frameworks.
  3. apply one or more programming paradigms such as, (e.g. object-oriented, structured or functional programming), and design principles, as well as documented requirements, to the software development process.
  4. model, design, implement, and maintain basic data storage solutions.
  5. contribute to the integration of network communications into software solutions by adhering to protocol standards.
  6. identify, analyze, develop, implement, verify and document the requirements for a computing environment.
  7. contribute to the diagnostics, troubleshooting, documenting and monitoring of technical problems using appropriate methodologies and tools.
  8. implement and maintain secure computing environments.
  9. implement robust computing system solutions through validation testing that aligns with industry best practices.
  10. communicate and collaborate with team members and stakeholders to ensure effective working relationships.
  11. select and apply strategies for personal and professional development to enhance work performance.
  12. apply project management principles and tools when working on projects within a computing environment.
  13. adhere to ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements and/or principles in the development and management of computing solutions and systems.

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Adam Harper

Graduating Student 2020

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this program go on to work in web development, desktop software development, mobile application development, database administration, business analytics, system analysis and design, customer technical support, information technology and other areas of computer programming.

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