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Media Arts


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Fall Start (September): 0174

Create the Digital Interactive Experiences of the Future

Student Profile: Britney Olsen

This three-year advanced diploma program will provide you with a strong foundation in graphic design, interactive design, web and mobile development, as well as 3D design, photography, audio/video storytelling and motion design. You will be introduced to emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and physical computing using industry standard software and equipment. You will learn to follow current practices and creative strategies as well as develop research and problem solving skills. Professional experience will also be gained as you work with teams and clients while exploring the business and entrepreneurial aspects of the industry.

In the final semester, you will go on a full-time professional work placement with a company or organization in your area of interest within the industry. With the support of the college and program faculty, this experience will help you launch your Interactive Media career!


  • Learn how to design and develop highly engaging interactive media experiences for a variety of media platforms such as web, mobile and virtual reality
  • Gain entry level skills in several related career paths such as User Experience Design, 3D Design, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Photography, Digital Content Creation and Social Media Marketing
  • Learn with highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors, dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed
  • Benefit from 24/7 access to cutting edge computers, software, equipment and production studios!
  • Transfer to other college and even university programs through our articulation agreements
  • More reasons to choose Interactive Media Development 

Graduating Class of 2022 Demo Reel Compilation

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Program Coordinator Overview

Escape Room

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. complete both individual and collaborative interactive media projects effectively.
  2. select and use best practices and tools to design and develop dynamic, rich-media content
  3. assess the requirements of a complex interactive media project.
  4. develop, budget, plan and professionally present a complex interactive media project.
  5. design a complex media project (interface, navigation, graphics, text treatment) using best practice design and development principles and applying conceptual and theoretical frameworks.
  6. build effective and dynamic complex Web sites and/or mobile applications.
  7. identify and analyze ethical and professional issues arising in an online environment.
  8. apply research and conceptual skills to propose optimal solutions for mobile/multimedia/Web development problems.
  9. select and use creative and critical thinking techniques in the effective design, development and implementation of a complex interactive media project.
  10. evaluate the financial, technical and artistic success of a complex interactive media project.
  11. use a variety of production and post-production techniques to create, enhance and distribute digital media content.


The skills and knowledge I gained during the IMD program exceeded my expectations. I was nervous to start placement because I didn't know what to...
Ashley Dennhardt
I was always more of a creative type. With this program, I’m now able to make these incredible animations and art pieces I didn’t think would be...
Corrina M.
Since 2003, we've had more than 8 college students on work placement and have hired 6 of them in the following positions: Multimedia Designer, IT...
Andrew Campbell
Founder & Owner of Brickhost
We have been generally very pleased by the caliber of the student placements we took on from the IMD program. I received unsolicited positive feedback...
Nick Kitchener
Product Manager

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from this program will enjoy a great variety of employment opportunities in the areas of web and mobile design & development, interactive experience design, interactive coding, graphic design and print, illustration, digital advertising, entertainment media, gaming, e-learning, audio/video production and visual effects, 3D design, photography, animation and motion design, as well as business entrepreneurship, project management, scriptwriting and storyboarding.

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Orion Atkinson

Program Coordinator
(807) 475-6210

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