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Shawn Untinen, BA, MSW, RSW

Shawn Untinen
(807) 475-6478

How/Why I Become a Teacher:

My original professional goal back in high school was to be a teacher. The life journey that is education introduced me instead to the rewarding and challenging field of social work and working as a helping professional. After several decades of rewarding work in the field of social work which included facilitating numerous workshops and seminars, I was invited to be a sessional instructor in the fall of 2009 at Confederation, which reignited my passion for teaching. In September 2009, my two passions were brought together into a rewarding new career teaching in the Social Service Worker program at Confederation College.

What I Like Most About Teaching:

I most enjoy being able to witness the transformation students in the Social Service Worker program go through - from nervous new college students on Orientation Day to confident new Social Service Worker professionals at Convocation, ready to make a difference in the world helping others.

My Educational Background & Qualifications:

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Major) from Lakehead University in 1988. I then completed my Honours Bachelor of Social Work in 1991 and finally my Master of Social Work degree in 1998.

My Relevant Experience in the Field:

I worked in the field of social work and social services for 24 years prior to joining the faculty at Confederation College.

My insight, or words of advice regarding this┬áprogram:

I believe that education is a journey, not a task. And whether the Social Service Worker program is the start of your journey or your final destination towards becoming a helping professional in the community, this program provides you with a valuable learning experience that will serve you well as you learn both about how to help others as well as gain insights about yourself.

My insight, or words of advice regarding career opportunities in this field of study:

The field of social work and the profession of social service work are both rewarding and challenging. For those open to the many forms of helping the field of social work offers, a career as a Social Service Worker can be a very fulfilling. The Social Service Worker program prepares graduates to provide helping services with a wide range of issues to individuals and families of all ages.