Student Photo-ID Card - Application Form

Photo Submission Requirements

Your photo must be:

  • Your photo must reflect your current appearance. – taken within the last 6 months
  • Your face must be fully and clearly visible - you are allowed to smile!
  • Your photo must be centered and taken straight on, with face and shoulders centered and squared to the camera.
  • No red eye or flash reflection.
  • Photo should capture from slightly above top of hair to middle of chest. Your shoulders must be covered.
  • Your photo must be in colour.
  • A uniform background (white preferred).
  • Your photo must be in JPEG/JPG format with a reasonable resolution suitable for printing. Your image file must be no larger than 5MB. (larger size is better)
  • Photo must be portrait orientation.
  • File name must be RENAMED in the following pattern BEFORE uploading: Firstname-LastName.jpg

Your photo must NOT have:

  • Sunglasses or hats or other obstructing items. Your photo may include headpieces if worn daily for religious purposes but they should not obscure or cast shadows on the eyes or any other part of the face.
  • Your photo must not be digitally altered -no filters, snapchat etc. (cropping and resizing is acceptable).
  • Cannot have other people or objects in the photo.
  • Photo cannot be landscape orientation.
  • No Shadows.
  • Must not have inappropriate expressions.

Photo ID examples 

Student Photo ID Submission Elements:

(This is your 9-digit student number which can be found on your Offer of Admission letter you received from the College.)

BEFORE uploading, RENAME your photo file in the following naming pattern: Firstname-Lastname.jpg (See other photo requirements listed above)

One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg.
Photo Authentication Confirmation