Meet the Ombudsperson

Hi! I am Kim Morgan,  the Ombudsperson at Confederation College!
The Ombuds Office is an independent office at Confederation College financed equally by the College and the Student Union of Confederation College Inc (SUCCI). The Ombuds Office was created not because the College has or expects to have a large number of problems, concerns or complaints from students, but rather as a means to be proactive.
Please visit my website at

Have a problem and don’t know how to solve it…

Need 100% confidentiality…

Then see the ombudsperson for help and answers to all your questions.


•           To be heard
•           To discuss a sensitive issue (e.g. harassment, discrimination)
•           An unbiased opinion
•           Information on a policy or procedure
•           To improve your conflict resolution skills
•           Help preparing for a difficult conversation
•           To make things right again


•           Help you put your situation in perspective
•           Guide you through the conflict resolution process
•           Provide a referral to other resources
•           Help you find options for a solution

 When your college experience or success is in jeopardy, contact the Ombudsperson:

Drop by or make an appointment with:

Kim Morgan, Ombudsperson
Shuniah Building, Room A212

Phone:  807 475-6209 or Toll free: (800) 465-5493 x 6209
Fax:  807 473-3727

Monday – Wednesday 10:30 am to 4 pm
Thursday - 10:30 am to 12:00 noon

(Times may vary by appointment)

Please Note:
•           Appointments can be made at other times and places if necessary
•           Regional students may access the ombuds service via webcam