Your Career Starts Here

You know that a college education will help you reach your career goals. But what you’re not quite sure of yet is what that career might be…

Confederation College’s General Arts and Science one-year certificate program provides you with a solid foundation in a variety of topics. If you’re having trouble deciding what direction to take, this program is a good way to earn credits and decide later! Subjects include media, sociology, psychology, Indigenous studies, and workplace preparation. You’ll gain skills – and credits – that are transferable within the college and university systems.

Whether your next stop is furthering your college or university education, or if you are planning to look for job opportunities, the General Arts and Sciences program will be the launch pad you need to get you on your way. 


  • Get a taste of many different courses to help you decide what interests you most
  • Build your skills and earn credits towards future programs 
  • Opportunity to transfer some credits from other programs

I have found the General Arts and Science program to be extremely beneficial. I c...

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Derek S. Smith

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