See the Forest AND the Trees!

Northwestern Ontario is known for its vast forests – a beautiful and renewable resource, if we manage them properly. Do you have what it takes to help guarantee the Boreal Forest survives for generations to come? Does the idea of working outdoors in this rugged region appeal to you?

Confederation College’s Forestry Technician - Ecosystem Management two-year co-op diploma program prepares you for a career in all areas of forestry including forest management, forest resource conservation and protection, silviculture, fish and wildlife, research support, recreation, project development with Aboriginal communities, community economic development and adventure and eco-tourism. You’ll learn how to balance the social, economic and ecological aspects of our natural resources so that our region – and our people – will continue to grow and thrive.

This program puts particular emphasis on project development with Indigenous communities and band councils who live in most of the forest regions in northwestern Ontario. The skills learned in this program are transferrable across Canada and around the world. Topics include tree & shrub identification, soils & geomorphology, wood products & utilization, forest operations, forest plant biology, silviculture, forest fire management, fish & wildlife management and geographical information systems (GIS). 

A truly one-of-a-kind program that will give you a head start in this dynamic industry!


  • Program includes two mandatory co-op placements after the second and fourth semesters for hands-on work experience
  • Balance of class work, field study and placements for a well-rounded education
  • Transfer credits to other related college and university programs through our articulation agreements
  • Learn and work in a rich and diverse Boreal ecosystem!

I graduated from the Forestry Technician Program at Confederation College in 2004. ...

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Derek Papineau

The duties of a forest technician can be more varied than any other person wor...

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Peter W. Nicholas

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Forestry Technician - Ecosystem Management program go on to a variety of positions in the forestry industry including Forest Technician, Forest Survey Technician, Resource Technician, Forest Fire Technician, Cruising Technician, Resource Officer, forest inventory, Conservation Technician, Scaler, logging, Silviculture Technician, Contractor, Equipment Owner/Operator and equipment sales. However, this program can also provide a strong background for others living and working in the forest including within eco-tourism and recreation, research and academics and development of projects that have an impact on our forests.

NOTE: This program provides a mandatory Co-op Work Term placement … (more information) …

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