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Information for Guidance Counsellors & Career Advisors

You are a Vital Link!

Career and employment information is critical to the career decision-making process. As a Guidance Counsellor/Career Advisor, you provide the skills and knowledge necessary to help your clientele make informed career, education and job-search plans. Our Recruitment Department is available to assist you to find and use career and employment information effectively.

Key Areas of Our Site of High Relevance to Counsellors/Advisors:

Got a Question?

We are here for you! We are here to support you in your role of providing your clients with accurate, up-to-date information and advice. Whenever there is a question regarding our programs and services, we welcome your inquiries. One of our Recruitment Officers is as close as a phone call (807) 475-6110, or just an e-mail away.

NOTE: This page has been identified for review & potential further updating in the very near future - Posted 2/26/19