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Michele McManus

photo - Michele McManus
Program Coordinator
(807) 475-6428

Michele McManus is a faculty member in the School of Business, Hospitality and Media Arts.  With over 30 years in Media both in the private industry and presently in Media education she brings energy and experience.  Michele has served over a decade as an Executive on the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada Board. She has won several awards while in the private industry both on a provincial and national level, in fact, “We’ve got a Giant Heart” was one of her campaigns in the 80’s and the tag line still resonates with the people of Thunder Bay. 

Michele has been honoured with the faculty excellence award, which speaks to her student centred approach to both Coordinating the Digital Media Production Program, as well as teaching in this fast paced environment.  Michele is just one of the seasoned faculty who are part of the Digital Media Production team. 
You can reach her at: to learn more about the program.