Part-Time OSAP Application

What Is Part-Time OSAP?

You’re considered part time for OSAP if your course load is between 20% and 59% of a full course load. Your course load percentage is defined by your what program you are enrolled in.

How to be Eligibility for Part-Time OSAP~

  • Students that are registered in 20-59% of a full-time course.
  • Leads to a certificate, degree, or diploma
  • The student’s study period must be between 4 to 52 weeks in length.
  • Must be a program approved for FT OSAP

Please Note~ Part-Time OSAP funding may be available to, students enrolled in courses that must be completed as a prerequisite for admission into a university graduate program or any second-entry level degree program.

Applications process for Part-Time OSAP~

Applications have to be completed online on the OSAP website at (you will fill it out the same as the full time OSAP applicants).  In order to receive your funding at the start of your study period, it is encouraged that you apply 6-8 weeks before your classes begin and no later than 40 days before the end of your study period. The minimum study period for part-time is four weeks, it is possible the student’s application and supporting documentation deadline can be prior to the start of their study period. Once you have completed your application, you will be provided with a funding estimate. This estimate may change once your application is reviewed. Students with a permanent disability studying at 40% and up of a full course load have the option of applying for FT OSAP.

When Paying for Part-Time OSAP.

The majority of students pay for courses up front. An assessment on funding can only be run if we know what course(s)you are going to be taking. If you know your course(s) and are paying up front please contact registration services.

 If you are unable to make payment on course(s) please connect with the Financial Aid Office. 

Student drops from Full-Time OSAP to part-time~

Studies after receiving the first and/or second installment, the student cannot be approved for Part-Time OSAP until after the standard end date of the term(s) for which Full-Time OSAP was issued. The student is not required to return the full amount of Full-Time OSAP that they received for that term to be eligible for Part-Time OSAP.

How much you could receive~

Until the end of the 2022 to 2023 school year, you could receive up to $3,600 per year. The amount of the grant will not be more than your assessed need. For example, if you have an assessed need of $1,200, you will receive a $1,200 grant. The school year runs from August 1 to July 31.

Academic Failure~

If the student does not successfully complete all courses in their part-time study period, they are not eligible for further part-time funding unless they successfully complete at least one term of self-funded full- or part-time studies.

Note: The requirement to self-fund remains even if a student has paid back their part-time funding within the semester in which they failed to successfully complete all of their courses.