Book Deferral Policy

- Only registered students  who are in receipt of OSAP funding or funding through Second 
  Career/Ontario Skills Development may apply for a book deferral.

- Book deferrals are approved through the Financial Aid Office.

- The book deferral can be used to purchase books/supplies at the Follett Bookstore, Thunder 
  Bay campus or  College  Bookstore at a regional college campus

-  Once approved, the student will give the  second copy  of the book deferral to the bookstore 
   who will provide credit for  the amount of books/supplies charged.
- The bookstore will invoice the college for the full amount charged and these charges will be 
  posted to the student’s account within 5 weeks of the start of the semester.

- Within 8 weeks of the start of the semester, the student is to pay in full the amount charged 
  plus the administration fee of $15.00.  This can be done through the college cashier or via an
  on- line payment  to the students college account.

- Failure to make payment in full may result in the following:

  • removal from class/program/Residence;
  • take any remedies, authorized by law to obtain payment;
  • refuse admission and/or registration;
  • withhold College documents (Certificate/Diploma/Academic Transcript), until payment has been verified.