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The Truck and Coach Technician Apprenticeship Program is a specialized training course designed for individuals seeking a career in the maintenance, repair, and overall upkeep of commercial trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, and road transport vehicles. This program equips apprentices with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a trade that is essential for the smooth operation of transportation and logistics in modern society.

Key Features of the Program:

  1. Comprehensive Training: The apprenticeship combines theoretical classroom learning with practical, hands-on experience. This blended approach ensures apprentices not only understand the concepts but also can apply them effectively in real-world situations.

  2. Diverse Skill Set: Apprentices will gain proficiency in a wide range of areas, including engine systems, electrical and electronic systems, drive train systems, steering and suspension systems, and advanced electronic fuel systems. This diverse skill set is crucial for the maintenance and repair of modern vehicles, which are becoming increasingly complex and technologically advanced.

  3. Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The program's curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies in the truck and coach industry. This ensures that apprentices are learning current practices and are well-prepared for the future demands of the trade.

  4. Career Opportunities: Upon completion, apprentices will be ready to step into various roles within the industry. Employment opportunities span across public transportation, commercial transport, fleet maintenance, emergency vehicle services, and more, offering a wide range of career paths.

  5. Certification and Advancement: Successful completion of the apprenticeship can lead to certification as a skilled Truck and Coach Technician. This certification is highly respected in the industry and can open doors to further career advancement and specialization.

  6. Safety and Standards Compliance: A significant focus is given to safety practices and compliance with industry standards. Apprentices learn to maintain high safety standards, ensuring both personal and vehicle safety.

The Truck and Coach Technician Apprenticeship Program is ideal for those who are technically inclined, enjoy problem-solving, and are interested in a hands-on career in the automotive industry. With its comprehensive training and diverse skill development, the program promises a rewarding and fulfilling career path in truck and coach maintenance and repair.


Apprenticeship Program Fees

Specializing in heavy vehicle mechanics, this program's Level 1 fee is $400.00.

Be sure to confirm the current fees as they may change.


Important Information About All Apprenticeship Training Programs

 A Truck and Coach Apprenticeship is generally trained in areas such as:

  • Wheel End Assemblies
  • Drive Train Systems
  • Engine Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Steering and Suspension systems
  • Advanced Electronic Fuel Systems

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Truck and Coach Technician Apprenticeship program can expect a diverse range of employment opportunities in various sectors. The skills and knowledge acquired through this program are highly valued in several industries, including:

  1. Commercial Transportation: Opportunities in maintaining and repairing commercial trucks and trailers used in transport and logistics.

  2. Public Transportation: Roles in city bus fleets, school buses, and other public transportation systems, focusing on the upkeep and functionality of these vehicles.

  3. Emergency Vehicle Maintenance: Specialized roles in maintaining and repairing emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and other response vehicles.

  4. Fleet Maintenance: Positions in companies with large vehicle fleets, overseeing the maintenance and repair of these vehicles to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

  5. Specialty Vehicle Repair: Jobs in companies that handle specialized vehicles such as refrigerated transport, hydraulic systems, and custom-built coaches.

  6. Dealerships and Repair Shops: Roles in truck and coach dealerships and independent repair shops, providing repair and maintenance services.

  7. Government and Municipal Services: Employment with government agencies responsible for maintaining their vehicle fleets, including road inspection and maintenance vehicles.

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