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Become a First-Class Truck Driver, Earn Better Pay

In Thunder Bay and across Canada, transport drivers are in high demand, earning above average incomes. The trucking industry has changed significantly with greater emphasis on safety, health, prevention and accountability.

The career itself involves the operation of heavy trucks to transport goods and materials over urban, provincial and international routes. Long-haul transport truck drivers primarily operate tractor-trailers to transport goods and materials over long distances. This type of work involves planning trip logistics, preparing documentation, vehicle inspection, securing cargo as per safety requirements and obtaining permits for international routes. It also involves recording cargo information, hours of service, distance travelled and fuel consumption.

The program meets and exceeds all mandatory objectives set forth by the Ministry of Transportation’s Commercial Truck Driver Training Standard that was released July 2017. 

Program Highlights

  • Courses follow industry standards and practices so you are ready for the job market
  • Classroom and practical training, including driving, yard, pre-trip and observation 
  • Hands-on training in the yard and on the road using a tractor-trailer, while under the instruction of a qualified trainer
  • Drive time includes real world scenarios and trips on highways, city streets and back roads
  • Strong emphasis on defensive driving

Upcoming Delivery Start Dates

  • Thunder Bay, ON
  • Northwestern Ontario Regional Locations

Tuition Fees (includes training and testing fees)

$10,500 + HST       Thunder Bay

$14,000 + HST       Northwestern Ontario Region

How to Apply

Contact Contract Training to apply to the program.

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Employment Opportunities

Graduates of Confederation College’s AZ Truck Driver MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) program are well-prepared for a range of truck driving careers across Canada. With comprehensive training in operation, safety, and logistics, alumni are equipped for roles including:

  • Long-Haul Transport Truck Driver: Managing extended routes, handling logistics, and maintaining safety compliance on interprovincial and international journeys.
  • Urban and Provincial Truck Driver: Specializing in localized routes within urban and provincial areas.
  • Specialized Vehicle Operator: Opportunities include operating dump trucks, fuel haulers, flatbeds, shunt trucks, moving vans, logging trucks, and tow trucks.
  • Freight Logistics Coordinator and Safety Officer: Overseeing logistics, safety standards, and compliance in the trucking sector.
  • Cargo and Freight Agent: Managing cargo scheduling, documentation, and tracking.
  • Vehicle Inspector and Maintenance Coordinator: Ensuring vehicle safety and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, Confederation College provides exceptional support through Northwest Employment Works (NEW). This service assists students with career advising, resume building, and interview preparation, connecting them with potential employers in the trucking industry.

This program exceeds the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation, ensuring graduates are job-ready for the evolving demands of the trucking industry.

Employment Services

Free employment services for all students through the Northwest Employment Works (NEW). Services include connecting job-seekers to employers and offering one-on-one career advising, resume assistance and interview preparation and techniques. 

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