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Fall Start (September): 0153

A Healthy Start to Your Academic Career!

Need a little extra help before entering a postsecondary health program? Don’t have all the necessary pre-requisites? Or are you a returning student who wants to “ease into” college with refresher courses?

Confederation College’s Pre-Health Sciences program can help. The program is divided into two streams, the college stream and the university stream, depending on what direction you plan to take.

The  Pathways to Certificates and Diplomas stream of the program (formerly called "College Stream") is for students who want to go on to college health programs including Practical Nursing, Paramedic, and Dental Hygiene. Topics covered include pre-health math (college preparation), health care in Canada, chemistry, introductory biology and communications for health professionals.

The Pathways to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees program (formerly called "University Stream") is designed to upgrade your skills and knowledge for a variety of university health programs including the Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Medical Radiation Technology. Topics covered include pre-health math (university preparation), health care in Canada, advanced chemistry, human biology and communications for health professionals.

Top Highlights

  • Upgrade your skills and learning to prepare you for a career in health care
  • Get specialized training depending on whether you plan to go to college or university
  • Get a head start on your future programs with a solid understanding of health care and related topics

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. examine biological concepts, processes and systems of the human body, including genetics and epigenetics, as well as the structure, function and properties of the molecules of life, cells, tissues and organ systems in relation to homeostasis, physical development and health.
  2. examine concepts, processes and systems of chemistry, including atomic and molecular structure; quantities in chemical reactions; solutions and solubility; acids and bases; as well as organic chemistry and biochemistry in relation to health and the human body.
  3. solve numeric problems and interpret data related to health sciences and other science-related fields using mathematical concepts, including algebra and probability, along with descriptive and inferential statistics.
  4. use health sciences and other science-related language and terminology appropriately to communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly in written, spoken, and visual forms.
  5. prepare a personal strategy and plan for academic, career and professional development in the health sciences or other science-related fields.
  6. investigate health sciences and science-related questions, problems and evidence using the scientific method.
  7. examine fundamental physics laws and concepts and their application to health sciences and other science-related fields.
I am a first year paramedic student and graduate of the pre-health sciences program. I feel that pre-health has not only helped to prepare me to...
Jake Elliot

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Pre-Health Sciences — Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees at Confederation College are primed for university-level health science programs. This program lays a solid groundwork for careers in specialized health fields such as Nursing, Medical Radiation Technology, and other advanced health professions. With a strong focus on core science subjects and health care in Canada, students are well-prepared for the academic rigor of university health sciences programs.

Alex Koch

Program Coordinator
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Lianne Jackson

Lianne Jackson

Program Officer, Distance Education
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