Police Foundations: Investigations and Community Security


Ontario College Diploma

Area Of Interest

Protective Services


2 years

Program Code



Thunder Bay


Start Dates & Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Fall Start (September): 0113

To Serve and Protect

Are you willing to serve and protect, challenge your skills and give back to your community? Get a head start on your career and learn what it really means to be a police officer with this comprehensive two-year program!

Confederation College’s Police Foundations program provides pre-employment training designed to give potential police candidates a broad education in the law, human relations, police powers, community policing, lifestyle management and investigations. Courses cover a wide range of topics including security services, Canadian justice systems, human diversity/Indigenous people, career preparation, sociology, criminology, mental health and substance use issues and community policing. You’ll get the chance to put your skills to the test, and find out if you have what it takes!

Top Highlights

  • Pre-employment training is designed to give potential police candidates a broad education
  • Geared towards preparing students for the Ontario Constable Selection System, but graduates can pursue opportunities at all levels of policing
  • Learn from current and past law enforcement officers

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. complete all tasks in compliance with pertinent legislation, as well as policing standards, regulations and guidelines.
  2. analyze all relevant information and make effective and legally defensible decisions in accordance with ethical and professional standards.
  3. be accountable for one’s actions when carrying out all tasks.
  4. develop and implement ongoing effective strategies for personal and professional development.
  5. ensure the respect of human rights and freedoms in all interactions.
  6. work co-operatively in multidisciplinary teams to achieve mutual goals.
  7. collaborate in the development and implementation of community policing strategies.
  8. monitor, evaluate and document behaviours, situations and events accurately and discreetly in compliance with legal, professional, ethical and organizational requirements.
  9. mitigate risks and maintain order by applying effective strategies in crisis, conflict and emergency situations.
  10. take positive actions to help crime victims.
  11. conduct investigations by collecting, documenting, preserving and presenting admissible evidence.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Police Foundations program will be prepared to apply for various policing positions across Canada at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Note that completion of this course does not guarantee a position. Each police force has its own rigorous entrance standards including physical and other tests. 

Other potential employment opportunities include Canadian Border Services, corrections, private security and policing, private investigations and other fields.

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Program Coordinator
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