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With the increasing production of and demand for complex information and the widespread use of automated technologies, organizations are striving to manage information effectively and efficiently — and this program will help you do just that. The part-time Health Records Clerk program teaches the skills and medical background you need to operate a records management program in any healthcare setting.

What you will learn

You benefit from a foundation of study that prepares you for support-staff opportunities in the healthcare field. Learn to maintain accurate records in a hospital or other medical setting, and to manage and maintain patient health files. Learn vital communication skills, attention to detail and accuracy, analytical and interpersonal skills, and specialized medical/healthcare knowledge. Study hospital and medical staff organization, patient record content, procedures in filing, numbering and retention of patient records, qualitative analysis, release of information, forms control and design, indexes and registers, reimbursements, regulatory and accrediting agencies, and alternate healthcare delivery systems.

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Getting Started

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Employment Opportunities

A graduate of the Health Records Clerk program may have the opportunity to work in hospitals, doctor/physician offices, medical care centres, long-term care homes, senior housing, walk-in clinics, specialized clinics/labs, insurance companies, social services agencies, disability organizations, and other healthcare centres and facilities.

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