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Start Dates & Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Fall Start (September): 0294
Winter Start (January): 0284
Spring Start (May): 0283

Turn your education and passion for health into a rewarding career as a leader in the health sector.  There has never been a more exciting time to move into a leadership role in health than in today’s increasingly complex and dynamic environment.   Health Administration and Leadership focuses on real-world contemporary issues and provides you with the opportunity to acquire the practical skills you will need to be successful as a leader in a health organization.

Study and learn with high-quality educators in a personalized learning environment created for you by faculty and practicing leaders who are committed to your success.  Earn your Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Health Administration and Leadership in just two semesters.  Gain a solid understanding of the provincial and federal health system with curriculum developed to prepare you to lead today and in the future. You’ll develop health administration and leadership skills in ethics, policy and law, research, operations, cultural safety, human resources, and finance.  Indigenous learning outcomes are weaved throughout the curriculum in order to develop an understanding of the importance of reconciliation and diversity of perspectives. Additionally, you will gain practical experience through a capstone project while working with industry leaders on current issues health organizations are facing.  

You will be prepared to work in entry or middle management positions in clinics, hospitals, long-term care homes, non-profit organizations, and private facilities.  With the growing demand for health leaders, we need you!  

NOTE:  Effective September 2021,  and as a result of a comprehensive program review, the program name has been changed from Leadership for Healthcare Professionals to Health Administration and Leadership. The new name increases employer understanding of the skills and competencies students are acquiring in the program.  

How to Apply

For domestic students, please contact our Admissions Department, or phone (807) 475-6213.  You can apply directly at OCAS

Apply for this program using the online application, or contact our International Education Centre for more information.

Annual Fees (CAD)

For more information:

India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka: [email protected]
Philippines & Indonesia: [email protected]
Vietnam & Cambodia: [email protected]
All other locations: [email protected]India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: [email protected]


Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. communicate effectively with clients, families, and members of both the health and administrative teams to maintain an engaging environment.
  2. comply with the legal, ethical and professional regulations within the health system to ensure quality in service delivery.
  3. analyze laws, regulations, and health policies to determine their impact on decision-making in health organizations.
  4. critically examine ethical choices, values, and professional behaviour to make recommendations that inform health management roles and decision-making.
  5. integrate data, critical thinking, and effective decision-making skills to support strategic and operational goals.
  6. apply strategies to effectively manage human resources, human relations, organizational culture, environment, external relationships, and union relations in a multi-disciplinary health organization.
  7. utilize accounting and financial principles to support the strategic management and operations of a health organization.
  8. apply principles of, and evaluate the efficacy of, operational planning, project management, quality management, and risk management, to support continuous improvement in health operations.
  9. develop and use strategies for ongoing professional development to enhance both personal and employee work performance.
  10. develop and use culturally diverse and safe approaches for delivering health programs and services to individuals, groups, families, and communities.
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Employment Opportunities

This one year graduate certificate program will prepare you for entry or middle management positions in health organizations, such as clinics, hospitals, not-for-profits, private facilities, and government. Combined with your clinical background, you may work in various areas of a health organizations.


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International Education Centre

Program Coordinator
(807) 475-6467

Amy Gosselin

Professor & Program Coordinator - Health Administration & Leadership. RN, BScN, HBK, MPH.
(807) 475-6518

Nadine Doucette

Professor, BA, MA, Coordinator, Health Administration and Leadership, Human Resources Management
(807) 475-6497

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