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2 years

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Distance Education
Rainy River (Fort Frances)


Start Dates & Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Fall Start (September): 0220 
Winter Start (January): 0240

The People Side of Business

Human Resources is one of the hot careers in Canadian business in the new millennium. If you are career-motivated and love working with people, HR is the program for you!

Confederation College’s Business – Human Resources two-year diploma program will teach you how modern businesses manage their people for better job satisfaction, staff development and employee-employer relations. Courses cover all the business basics such as human resources, accounting, marketing, training, business law & ethics and information systems.


  • Get a solid foundation in all different areas of business HR 
  • Continue on to a university degree through articulation agreements
  • You may also want to consider our three-year Business Administration – Human Resources diploma program

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. participate in the recruitment, selection, and retention of employees.
  2. participate in performance management processes.
  3. participate in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of employee orientation, training, and development programs.
  4. contribute to an organization’s success through effective employee relations.
  5. assist with the administration and communication of the organization’s total compensation plan.
  6. participate in organizational health and safety policies and practices.
  7. apply current and emerging information technologies to support the human resources function.
  8. implement organizational development strategies aimed at promoting organizational effectiveness.
  9. communicate human resources information accurately and credibly in oral, written, and graphic form.
  10. plan and act on personal professional development plans to achieve ongoing competence in human resources professional practice.
  11. identify the human resources component of a business plan.
  12. assist in the collection and analysis of human resources data.
  13. use current concepts/systems and technologies to support an organization's business initiatives.
Confederation College helped me come out of my shell to find the person I am ... a Human Resource professional! How and Why I Choose Confederation...
Lexx Ojala

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Business - Human Resources program find entry-level positions in a variety of private and public sector organizations including hiring, training, health and safety, pensions and benefits administration and other areas of HR.

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