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Fall Start (September): 0116

Imagine Your Name on the Silver Screen…

What do Avengers: Endgame, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stranger Things and Suicide Squad all have in common? Grads of the Confederation College film production program worked on those productions. You could join this impressive list!

Confederation College’s Film Production two-year diploma program provides a comprehensive overview of virtually every aspect of film production including directing, scriptwriting, lighting, cinematography, editing, art direction, production design, sound mixing, and the business of film. With a high teacher-to-student ratio and the best equipment-to-student ratio, you get more instruction and better access to equipment than many similar programs in Canada. You’ll get hands-on training so you’ll learn by doing: write, plan, direct, shoot, edit, mix, colour grade, and deliver your final cut. You’ll make three films during the program starting right away in your first year. You will have 24/7 access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment such as the industry-heralded Arri Alexa camera.


Top Highlights

  • Every student gets to direct their own films with a full crew
  • All film equipment is supplied by the program – students do not need to rent any gear to make their films
  • Access to state-of-the-art production facilities 24/7
  • Year-end film festival allows students to showcase their work on the big screen with big sound for the whole community
  • Fourth-semester students travel to Toronto to learn more about the film business and meet past grads
  • Find out more & see student film projects at

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. employ a Fine Arts perspective in the creation of film.
  2. participate as a craftsperson on film and video productions.
  3. construct a project through all stages of pre-production, production, postproduction and distribution using professional film and video production protocols and methods.
  4. apply technical skills in cinematography, photography, production, sound recording and postproduction.
  5. perform all work in compliance with film industry operating procedures, regulations and safety requirements.
  6. use current and emerging technologies in the creation of film production projects.
  7. apply basic business principles to film production practices.
  8. work co-operatively in film and video productions.
  9. apply universal themes, conflict, character, and story ideas to produce a screenplay.


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Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the program go on to a variety of entry-level positions including Production Assistant, Editing Assistant, Camera Assistant and Sound Assistant. After experience and time in the industry, graduates may move up to higher positions including Director, Writer, Editor, Director of Cinematography, Sound designer, Art Director and Producer. Many of our graduates are freelance (self-employed) and/or establish their own production companies.

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Eric Weller

Program Coordinator

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