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Engineering Technology


2 years

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Thunder Bay


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Fall Start (September): 0331

The Embedded Systems graduate certificate program provides electrical and electronic engineering graduates with hands-on opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills that will permit them to work effectively in embedded systems product and device development.

Topics covered range from computer software and industrial control systems to health and safety and quality assurance. The program integrates a hands-on, practical approach to learning, augmenting the theoretical knowledge that graduate engineers already have. Applied projects and lab work help prepare graduates for a technical career in embedded systems product development and related fields. The program also includes entrepreneurship and communication courses that help build the ‘softer skills’ sought by employers in the industry.

How to Apply

Domestic (Canadian) students may also apply to this program. However, domestic students should be aware that it is offered on a full-tuition, cost recovery basis, and additional tuition fees apply. For more information please contact our Admissions Department or phone (807) 475-6213.

Tuition Fees:

  • $18,155 + $1,345 program costs (2022/23)

For more information:

India, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka: [email protected]
Philippines & Indonesia: [email protected]
Vietnam & Cambodia: [email protected]
All other locations: [email protected]

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. provide a customer solution that meets quality standards and satisfies customer requirements for embedded systems products.
  2. solve complex embedded systems problems through research, experimentation, integration of computer hardware and software, and the use of electronic instrumentation.
  3. design, develop, test, configure and maintain embedded systems.
  4. integrate engineering skills and knowledge with current business strategies to provide cost-effective and economically sound embedded solutions to product realization problems.
  5. adhere to professional, ethical, legal codes of practice and intellectual property rights to comply with industrial, labour and environmental regulations.
  6. communicate effectively with diverse teams to disseminate ideas, requirements, implementations, findings and outcomes to complete embedded systems projects.
  7. plan, implement and manage electronic and embedded systems projects in response to stakeholder and industry needs and requirements.


Employment Opportunities

Embedded Systems graduates can apply for positions in companies that produce any electronic product, device or component. Many job postings are listed with the word “engineer” or “engineering” in the title. A closer look into the job descriptions of many postings reveal that they do not actually require an engineer or professional engineer (but may work under one). Some example job titles include (but are not limited to):

  • Embedded Software Developer/Engineer
  • Embedded Firmware Developer/Engineer
  • Firmware Developer/Engineer
  • Electronics Designer/Engineer
  • Electronic Controls Designer/Engineer
  • Electronic Product Designer
  • Design Engineer
  • Electronic Design Engineer
  • Hardware Designer/Engineer

In Ontario, the term Engineer/Professional Engineer/P.Eng. can only be used by those that have been granted a licence by PEO, under the authority of the Professional Engineers Act. The title “Engineer” is restricted to Ontario licence holders under s. 40(2)(a.1) of the Act.

For graduates holding an academic degree in engineering and would like to become licensed, visit https://peo.on.ca/apply/become-professional-engineer to learn more.

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