FAQ's (Dental Assisting)

Dental Assisting Program FAQs

Accreditation simply means that the program has been heavily scrutinized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada and has met all requirements.

Yes, initially all techniques are learned on a mannequin head (preclinical) and then the student will begin to work on the public. We have a 24-chair dental clinic on campus and students see clients in a “real” environment.

Yes. Each student must purchase two lab jackets, that fastens up to the neck with long cuffed sleeves. One must be white, the other any colour or pattern except navy. Two uniforms with short sleeves, v-neck, high-waisted pants. The uniforms may be any one solid colour you wish. White shoes and socks.

The Confederation College Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) program will have an instrument kit available for rent. Please do not buy a used instrument kit as it will not be allowed to be used in preclinical labs or clinics. Students will be required to purchase a sundries kit that the Confederation College Dental Assisting (Level I and II) program will have available for purchase.

Complete a PLAR Application Form (PDF) Please read it carefully and ensure you include all necessary documentation.

The workload is demanding, it is recommended that students limit part-time employment.

The College clinic provides a client database which will be available to the students. Students will be responsible for bringing in a minimum of 1 new client and developing their own client base to successfully complete their requirements.

Yes, there will be field placements incorporated throughout the program. Due to the limited number of placement offices, some placements may have to be completed out of town and students will be responsible for all the associated costs.

In DE 327 Clinical Consolidation, placements may be out-of-town and students are responsible for all associated costs.

Computer skills are an asset, however during the process of education a student will develop a variety of technological skills required for successful completion of the program.

The Canadian Red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance both offer CPR and First Aid courses. We require a Standard First Aid course, as well as a CPR Basic Life Support/Health Care Provider (BLS/HCP). The course must have a hands-on component. This information must be submitted by August 28, 2023, prior to commencement of classes. Information may be dropped off at the Health Sciences offices, faxed (807) 473-3706, or mailed to:

Confederation College

P.O. Box 398,

1450 Nakina Drive

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

P7B 05E

Attention: Alison MacMillan

Students will be sent a package of information about the first two days. It is highly recommended that students participate in these sessions as vital information for success at Confederation College will be shared. We are excited about the fall semester and look forward to meeting you!

Yes, you are requested to provide serology results of all existing immunizations You can obtain a requisition from the nurse practitioner at the Health Centre on Campus.

For an appointment, please Phone 475-6169 or

E-mail: [email protected]

A recent Criminal Reference Check Level 2: Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) must be provided to the Program Coordinator prior to commencement of studies. All costs associated with police checks, testing and proof of certification are the responsibility of the applicant. The check is used by employers in this field as a screening requirement for field placement and employment. A criminal record may prevent you from participating in field placement experiences, thus blocking you from completing program requirements. Please visit https://www.thunderbaypolice.ca/services/criminal-records-search for information on how to apply. These placements require a Criminal Record Check. This information must be submitted by August 28, 2023. Information may be dropped off at the Health and Community Services office, faxed (807) 473-3706 or mailed to:

Confederation College
1450 Nakina Drive
Thunder Bay, ON Canada
P7B 0E5
Attention: Alison MacMillan

If you have any questions please contact Monica Coggin at (807)475-6260 or email [email protected]