Community Integration Through Co-operative Education


Ontario College Certificate

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Community Services


2 years

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Thunder Bay


There’s Nothing to Hold You Back!

Do you want to go further with your education, but feel held back by intellectual or learning challenges? Do you have special skills that you can offer an employer, but need help gaining work experience?

Confederation College’s Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) program is designed to help anyone with learning, social and intellectual challenges find ways to overcome them. This personalized, assisted learning program is tailored to fit each student’s particular academic needs with supports in and out of the classroom. Classes include skills for life & work, enhancing your communication skills, navigating healthy lifestyles, and personal and professional growth. Supervised field placements give students that all-important work experience they need to put on a résumé and show off their talents to potential employers.

What makes this program special is not just what it teaches, but how it encourages students to enjoy learning. Students who previously didn’t feel comfortable or confident in an academic environment quickly take to this program thanks to the support and one-on-one attention they receive. In the two years in this program, most students not only find success academically, but they learn how to overcome their specific challenges so that they can succeed after college as well.

Along the way, students have the support of Integration Facilitators/Tutors including in-class support, if needed, as well as follow-up study skills, test preparation and delivery. We’re with you every step of the way!


Top Highlights

  • Designed for individuals with a wide variety of learning needs, tailored to fit those needs and their academic abilities
  • Weekly, supervised job placements in Semester 2, 3 & 4
  • Students are accompanied to class by Integration Facilitators/Tutors, as needed

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. assess personal and professional abilities, strengths and methods to enhance job performance and well-being.
  2. communicate and collaborate in the work environment using skills, strategies and techniques that contribute to the achievement of goals.
  3. maintain an individual development plan that identifies personal and professional goals to enhance self-satisfaction and employability.
  4. review the resources, services and employment opportunities offered by community agencies to best align these offerings with personal needs and circumstances.
  5. develop and implement interpersonal skills and strategies to enhance self-satisfaction and employability.

Employment Opportunities

Confederation College's CICE program, the Community Integration through Co-operative Education, is a unique integration program in Ontario, catering to students with intellectual or learning challenges. As a significant community integrated education pathway, it emphasizes personal and professional growth. This CICE college program, known for its supportive environment provided by integration facilitators, focuses on enhancing employability and life skills.

Graduates of the CICE program go on to a wide variety of workplaces including offices, restaurants, retail, general labour and service and community service agencies.

Rose Hankkio

Rose Hankkio

Lead Integration Facilitator (CICE)
(807) 475-6697

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