College Access


Ontario College Certificate

Area Of Interest

Preparatory Studies


1 year

Program Code



Distance Education
Rainy River (Fort Frances)


IMPORTANT — the curriculum for this program is currently under review and the courses may change.


Get Ready to Be a Student Again!

Do you have an interest in pursuing a postsecondary education and not sure what program suits you best? The College Access program at Confederation College will help you prepare for success in postsecondary education while exploring career and education options. Our program is offered on the Thunder Bay campus as well as in various communities. We collaborate with other programs at Confederation to provide help and guidance for pursuing the education you need for a career you will love. You’ll be able to upgrade or refresh your math and communication skills, while also taking courses that transfer into other diploma programs, allowing you to transition into your destination program. You also get the full support of our professors and staff who are ready to help at every step. We want to see you succeed at college so you can take the next step to a great job!

Top Highlights

  • A great option for recent high school graduates or mature and returning students who want to ease into college life
  • Develop skills to help you succeed in college – and your future job
  • Receive support that will prepare you to get the admission requirements you need to enter other college programs
  • In addition to increasing academic skills, you’ll have opportunities to explore your strengths and gifts as you develop personal, career, and educational goals
  • Successful completion of many of the courses in the College Access program are transferrable toward other postsecondary programs

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. demonstrate mastery of essential math skills appropriate to the entrance levels and requirements of other postsecondary programs. 
  2. read, comprehend, analyze, and synthesize information from a range of sources and for a variety of purposes. 
  3. demonstrate an informed, critical awareness of the media. 
  4. utilize common computer features and applications to a level of competency required for postsecondary programs. 
  5. apply a range of critical thinking strategies. 
  6. demonstrate an understanding of personal skills, values, and preferences within a context of making informed career decisions. 
Taking College Access taught me what to expect and how to navigate through my first year in college. I have great confidence graduating from this...
Gailynne F
College Access gave me the tools, confidence, and resources I need to further pursuit academia. I definitely recommend to upcoming students.
Amber W
My experience with the College Access Program (CAP) was very positive and provided me with the tools necessary to further my education. This program...
Raymond Moonias
Thank you College Access professors; the College Access program has empowered me with vital learning tools to apply towards daily life and future...
Shannon S
I would like to thank all my teachers in the College Access program for their support because my transition into the college was scary. I did not know...
Susan K

Employment Opportunities

College Access is a pathway to other post secondary programs. As a graduate you will have obtained the skills and confidence needed to pursue your career aspirations and to succeed in other college programs. 

Chris Pace

Program Coordinator/Professor
(807) 473-3878

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