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Are you currently a certified Primary Care Paramedic who wishes to expand your scope of practice so that you can do more to ease the pain and suffering of your patients?     

The Advanced Care Paramedic program is built atop the existing infrastructure of Primary Care Paramedic education.  What you will learn during Advanced Care Paramedic training is enhancement of your critical thinking during high-level emergencies, broadening of your Controlled Medical Act skill base, and operating at peak performance under pressure.  Once you have completed the Advanced Care Paramedic program, you will pass through a gateway of opportunity to other specialized training programs available in the urban, flight, and tactical paramedic communities.

Top Highlights

  • Scaffolded learning strategy with a strong foundation in theory, skill proficiency, and immersive simulation.
  • Small class size, 10 students maximum.  Student to instructor ratio in skills and simulation labs is 5:1.
  • 158 hours of hospital clinical experience takes place at Northwestern Ontario’s premiere teaching hospital, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center. 
  • 432 ambulance field placement hours occur with Superior North Emergency Medical Services, a high-call volume (45 000+ calls) urban paramedic service which operates in a complex and challenging emergency medical service environment.
  • Classroom learning is delivered in a manner to permit candidates to maintain employment while attending the Advanced Care Paramedic Program.

    Semester 1 (Fall)
    2 days per week:
    • Two in-class days, 8 hours each day.
    Semester 2 (Winter)
    3 days per week:
    • Two in-class 8-hour days.
    • One hospital placement day last 8 or 12 hours.
    Semester 3 (Spring)
    4 days per week:
    • Day and night shifts, 12 hours in duration.
    • Four work shifts, followed by 4 rest days.


Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. interact professionally with patients and others, adhering to relevant provincial and federal legislation and codes of conduct.
  2. collaborate with a broad range of personnel such as employers, Primary Care Paramedics, Critical Care Paramedics, Communications Officers, firefighters, police officers, physicians, allied health professionals and others.
  3. lead an interdisciplinary team to ensure optimal patient care.
  4. provide complete and accurate reports, in compliance with current legislation, regulations, standards and established policies and procedures.
  5. analyze patient assessment findings critically, and infer a provisional diagnosis, using relevant theory and practices and complying with current legislation, regulations, standards, best practices and established policies and procedures.
  6. evaluate patient condition continuously, anticipating changes and adapting interventions to provide safe and optimal care.
  7. justify an intervention plan in accordance with ACP Medical Directives, best practices, evidence-based medicine, and clinical findings.
  8. perform basic and advanced life support skills safely and competently, including controlled medical acts, in accordance with established standards and Medical Directives.
  9. employ preventative and therapeutic interventions, while maintaining safety of self and others, to promote optimal well-being of the patient, in compliance with current legislation, regulations, standards and established policies and procedures.
  10. formulate strategies for self-evaluation and for improving proficiency in the practice of paramedicine.

Employment Opportunities

After graduation and successful completion of the Ontario Advanced Care Paramedic examination, you will be able to seek a paramedic position anywhere in Ontario and will make you marketable to work with an air ambulance service, land ambulance service, government agencies and the private sector.”

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Tanis Miller

Program Coordinator - Advanced Care Paramedic program, A-EMCA, ACP
(807) 473-3769

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