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Fall Start (September): 0511

The Aboriginal Community Advocacy Program offers an Accelerated one (1) year, Ontario College Diploma Program.

Each year, a limited number of seats will be available to people with a university degree in the Social Sciences and Humanities such as Sociology, Indigenous Studies, Political Science, Indigenous Learning, Women's Studies, Social Work or equivalent, or a community college graduate with a diploma from a community or social service program.

In addition, students with other degrees and diplomas with relevant experience related to the Aboriginal Community Advocacy Program may be considered.

  • The accelerated program will be comprised of courses from 1st and 2nd year.
  • The program duration of the accelerated program is two (2) semesters from September to May. 
  • Students must apply through www.ontariocolleges.ca
  • Students must have a minimum 2.0 or C average.
  • A recent transcript is required.

Also see our full, 2 year Aboriginal Community Advocacy website for additional information


Top Highlights

  • Land-based learning and hands-on experiences working with Indigenous advocates
  • Strong emphasis on understanding the legal and political relationship between Indigenous nations and the Canadian State
  • Opportunity to develop and deliver a community-based advocacy project
  • Pathways to further postsecondary educational goals in Political Science, Indigenous Studies, Sociology and Community Economic and Social Development Undergraduate degrees

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. discuss the traditions and perspectives of Indigenous peoples which can contribute to the advancement of self determination and self government.
  2. describe ways that Indigenous communities and the Canadian Government might address issues of self determination based on best practices in governance, land and social policy.
  3. identify and critique the legal and political principles that underlie the Indigenous/Canadian relationship.
  4. conduct research and prepare documents to assist Indigenous communities and individuals in necessary quasi-legal and community based processes.
  5. demonstrate methods of advocacy on behalf of Indigenous people in political, quasi-legal and community settings.
  6. develop and deliver community based public education that addresses contemporary issues.
  7. liaise between Indigenous communities and other parties to develop culturally appropriate alternatives that address social justice, governance and the development of lands and resources consistent with community needs.
  8. explore the impact of colonialism on Indigenous culture and communities, and identify positive ways that Indigenous people are recovering and working towards self determination and self government.
I highly recommend attending Confederation College if you are looking for practical skills, job-related experience, small class sizes, and wonderful...
Rilee Willianen
Research Assistant
Thought provoking and challenging, the Aboriginal Community Advocacy Program is a rewarding experience for any post-graduate that wants to critically...
Robert St Aubin
Legislative Assistant, for MP Don Rusnak
The students in the program are accepting and open-minded, while the program provides essential skills to succeed in the workforce. Why I Chose...
Natasha Salatino-Mach
Student 2018/19

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates are sought after for their unique set of skills and knowledge by a wide range of organizations such as political territorial organizations, First Nation band councils, government, the private sector, and urban community organizations. Graduates can expect to find employment as Aboriginal liaisons, Community Development workers, Aboriginal court workers, land claim negotiators, community consultation coordinators, youth advocates, youth and community justice workers, social service workers, outreach workers, legal aid workers, and social justice advocates for Aboriginal women, children, youth and communities.

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Program Coordinator

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