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Would you like to enhance your knowledge so you are better prepared to contribute to informed conversations regarding Indigenous-Canadian relations in your personal or professional life? If so, the Aboriginal Canadian Relations Certificate may be a perfect option for you.

The Aboriginal Canadian Relations program, is a five credit Board of Governors’ certificate, available to professionals, community members and students who have desire to learn more about the history of Indigenous nations with the Canadian state. This flexible educational option allows for a diverse experience. Learners can decide to take courses at their own pace, online or in a classroom setting, with a variety of courses to choose from - perfect for community leaders and professionals already in the workforce. It is also a great option for students, who are completing a college diploma program at Confederation College, and wish to heighten their knowledge base regarding Indigenous issues. It is possible to graduate with a diploma, as well as the Aboriginal Canadian Relations certificate!

This certificate will provide you with knowledge regarding Indigenous-Canadian relations and Indigenous worldviews and perspectives, better equipping you to understand the historical context that affects current Indigenous and Canadian relationship building processes.

Top Highlights

  • Gain career-related skills and expertise on Indigenous and Canadian relations
  • Full- or part-time studies available in person or online
  • Add this certificate to a Confederation College diploma

For more information, contact:
Serena Dykstra
Program Coordinator
Phone: (807) 473-3775
Email: [email protected]

This is a program for everyone. It is helpful to staff, students, and community members alike. I hope that everyone will take the time to learn the...
Tony Wood
Student Success Advisor

Employment Opportunities

Confederation College’s Aboriginal Canadian Relations program equips students with in-depth understanding of Indigenous-Canadian relations, making them valuable assets in sectors like community development, education, government, and non-profit organizations. Graduates find roles as Community Liaisons, Program Coordinators, or Advisors on Indigenous Affairs. The program’s comprehensive curriculum ensures a deep appreciation and knowledge of Indigenous perspectives, vital for roles in policymaking, community outreach, and educational roles.

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Serena Dykstra

Program Coordinator

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