Exhibitions September 19th-22nd


Employee Community
Student Community

Students and Staff are welcome to visit the Thunder Bay Art Gallery during Truth and Reconciliation Week. Please bring your ID badge for free entry. 

Exhibitions include:

•             Gallery 1- Helen Pelletier: Wiigwas Manidoog Descendants  https://theag.ca/helen-pelletier-wiigwas-manidoog/


•             Gallery 2- Christian Chapman: The Jingle Dress https://theag.ca/christian-chapman-ziibaaskaiganagoodayan-the-jingle-dress/


•             Gallery 3- Works by local artists for the upcoming fundraiser will be up by Thursday.


•             Foyer- Man from Bear Totem https://theag.ca/man-from-the-bear-totem/


•             Community Room- Thunder Bay Police Service Youth Art Competition


The Art Gallery is open Tuesday-Thursday from 12:00-8:00, and Friday  from 12:00-5:00.