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Confederation College is proud to continue its commitment to students mental health through Mental Health Crisis Navigator services.  My name is Natalie Cochran, and I am based in the Student Success Office Monday to Friday, with the ability to respond to all buildings on Campus, as well as the ACE Building. I can also engage with students at our Satellite/Regional Campuses via telephone/email.

The goal of this role is to work towards a whole-campus approach in effectively managing mental health crises, and to safely connect students with supports available either on campus or in the Community.   On-campus Security is vital as they are often the first responders in Crisis situations. This Campus Mental Health Crisis Navigator role is tied directly to Security personnel for that reason, to provide support to both the student and the people in the immediate environment. Please see the attached flow diagram to ensure consistent and immediate response.

I can be reached at: [email protected]

campus crisis support